Tahirih and The Unfolding by Andrew Carter and Starr* Saffa

Andrew: Clearly, there is some resistance in certain circles to the idea that Tahira and the Bab together constitute the Twin Manifestations.



Starr*: In Abbas Amanat’s book, Resurrection and Renewal, he affirms that Tahirih was known as the “Point of Divine Knowledge [nuqtih-i-hadrat-i ‘ilm]” before Her association with Babism. Those familiar with the Qur’anic verses “I Was a Hidden Treasure” understand that “Point of Divine Knowledge” is interchangeable with the Essence of Primal Oneness of the Absolute. In other words She was the Essence made manifest.



In like manner The Bab, with the eighteen Letters of the Living, became known as the Primal Point.



In both instances of Tahirih and The Bab, also known as “Primal Point”, the “Point” or “Dot” is found within the Primal Oneness of the Absolute of preexistence.



Therefore, since Tahira and the Bab both appeared as Manifestations in the same place during the same period of time, and their missions became interconnected, they were indeed as Twin Manifestations from Divine Essence.


Andrew: Tahira is the only woman to have emerged from the Abrahamic tradition with her own messianic claim to prophethood. As the Bab himself emphasized to Tahira’s critics: “It is not destined for you to realize the truth of her status (i.e., station).” It is only in our own times that we have acquired the awareness to appreciate the true station of Tahira: the Manifestation of God for our Age. Not as a divine figure who masquerades as a human being, but as one whose humanity is so full and complete that God lives in and through her. How appropriate that our post-modern age has its first post-modern messiah in this woman whose life and mission among us can be seen as an evolutionary event that permanently changed the nature of humankind.

To this end I offer an image of a painting I created (now in a private collection) in response to the message of Tahira as embodied in the song “The Unfolding” by Lisa Gerrard.




                                   By Andrew Carter

Starr*: It should be noted that Tahirih closed the Abrahamic Cycle, thereby tanscending patriarchy, and at the same time opened the Gate or marked the dawning of a Universal Cycle of Unity and Balance.