Film: “TAHIRIH DIVINE VOICE” Starring Shanta Surendran, Directed by Starr* Saffa

“Tahirih Divine Voice” is a film about a Woman born in Persia in 1814 who held the Cosmic Christ Spirit and had the Divine Mission of ending the patriarchal cycle of duality and beginning the Cycle of harmony, balance, and Oneness. As She says in Her writing, The Morn of Guidance, the principle of opposition is changed to that of unity. Thus far it has been a 160 plus year process but humanity is fast reaching the  critical mass where Her Prophetic Words permeate the hearts and the Greater Plan of Creation is becoming a reality. The film is in three parts. Enjoy and leave your comment. Living Love, Starr* Saffa (Scriptwriter, Producer, Director).

*Please press on one video at a time.

[] (click for second part of Tahirih Divine Voice)



  1. Andrew said,

    06/05/2008 at 7:19 pm

    I have just watched the third and final installment of Tahirih Divine Voice and remain deeply impressed at the breadth of material covered in such a short time! Your emphasis on the unitary nature of Her message is particularly apt: She put to flight the need for further sects and competitive claims! I hope and pray that many people will see your film and respond to its sublime message.

  2. Starr* said,

    07/05/2008 at 12:41 am

    Hi Andrew

    People all over the world are still very much moved by Tahirih (even though much of the information about Her has been suppressed, obsurred, and distorted). I think this is because, as She says:


    They seem to intuitively know on some level of awareness that Her Message of Oneness is permeating the world and beating in their own hearts.

    Thank you for your understanding message —– Starr*

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