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Film: “TAHIRIH DIVINE VOICE” Starring Shanta Surendran, Directed by Starr* Saffa

“Tahirih Divine Voice” is a film about a Woman born in Persia in 1814 who held the Cosmic Christ Spirit and had the Divine Mission of ending the patriarchal cycle of duality and beginning the Cycle of harmony, balance, and Oneness. As She says in Her writing, The Morn of Guidance, the principle of opposition is changed to that of unity. Thus far it has been a 160 plus year process but humanity is fast reaching the  critical mass where Her Prophetic Words permeate the hearts and the Greater Plan of Creation is becoming a reality. The film is in three parts. Enjoy and leave your comment. Living Love, Starr* Saffa (Scriptwriter, Producer, Director).

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Trailer for Starr* Saffa’s film “Tahirih Divine Voice”


This is a teaser for the short film “Tahirih Divine Voice” which is about the life and achievements of Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn who was a radical religious leader that disrupted the status quo of Persia mid nineteenth century. She was at the forefront of women’s emancipation in the East and impacted the West as well.

                         The Miracle of Tahirih


“Returned Dispensation of Tahirih Qurratu’lAyn” by Starr* Saffa

O QURRATU’L-`AYN !Ye Are The Stars in the Heaven of Understanding

Stretch not Thy hands wide open in the Cause, inasmuch as the people would find themselves in a state of stupor by reason of the Mystery, and I swear by the true Almighty God that there is yet for Thee another turn after this Dispensation.

Poster for the liberating thealogy Dispensation of Harmony of TahirihAnd when the appointed hour hath struck, do Thou, by the leave of God, the All-Wise, reveal from the heights of the Most Lofty and Mystic Mount a faint, an infinitesimal glimmer of Thy impenetrable Mystery, that they who have recognized the radiance of the Sinaic Splendour may faint away and die as they catch a lightning glimpse of the fierce and crimson Light that envelops Thy Revelation. And God is, in very truth, Thine unfailing Protector.


Selections from the Writings of the Báb, pp. 53-54


* Please note: Betty Butler’s  Podcast Review of Tahirih Thealogy and the Tahirih Path Advices:



“When the wisdom of the Grandmothers is heard, the world will heal.” –Native American Prophecy

“This is the great Net of Light that will hold the earth at the times of change that are now upon you. The energies of yin and yang are shifting, and you are needed to do this work.”

The Great Council of the Grandmothers

The Grandmothers say, “The time is now and women must lead. It can be no other way.” (They represent the birthing principle as Mothers of the World – one of harmony and balance). They are calling us to come forward and step into our power. Perhaps they are also calling you. All, women and men alike, are welcome to this work.


Nawruziyyih – The Tahirih Cycle


Nawruziyyih – The Female Cosmic Spring Time for Humanity

by Andrew Carter

Tahirih- Portal to new Universal Cycle & Source, presented by Starr* Saffa

Selection from Tahirih’s Poems


Birth of Universal Guidance

The Breeze of Guidance commanded the breath of life to begin

The Universe has been illuminated, every horizon, every Being

No more sits the sheikh in the seat of hypocrisy

No more is the mosque a business selling holiness

The epiglottis is cut from the throat

Silencing the pretentious sheikhs and their deception

The world is set free from superstitions and vain imaginings

Humankind set free from confusion and misconceptions

With the Power of Equality injustice becomes evaporated

And with intuition and knowledge ignorance destroyed

The carpet of justice is spread everywhere

The seeds of love and friendship scattered throughout

The false verdicts eradicated from all horizons

And concepts of opposition and separation changed to that of unity.

Poem of Tahereh Qurratu’l-Ayn  1840

from the Book of Poems of Fatemeh Zarin Taj – Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn

Edited by Dr. Sam Vaseghi and Dr. Soheila Vaseghi

Published by the Iranian Burnt Books Foundation

World Archives of Iranian Exile Literature

Translated from Farsi to English June 2009


Video: Birth of Universal Guidance


Hi Andrew

You do bring interesting truth to the discussion table.I love your comparison of Francisco Goya being seen as the last of the Old Masters and the First of the Modern and as you write:

“I see the Writings of the Bab as the last scriptures of the Abrahamic cycle and the scriptures of Tahira (reason and intuition) as the first scriptures of the new cycle:”

Then you go on to say:

“…the Tahira scriptures of reason and intuition are written in the heart (not in books) so the controversy of the Azali-Baha’i religions is redundant. Neither of these men submitted themselves to the guidance of Tahira (otherwise they would not have attempted to continue the old religion under the guise of Babism or Baha’ism).”

Starr*: Exactly!, Tahirih’s teachings and Her thousands of treaties permeated the world because they are the WORD from God for this Age where Universal Prophethood is the new paradigm. It is therefore, as you say, beating in the hearts.

I was reading on line that Tahira wrote thousands of treaties, many of which were locked away in Baha’i headquarters in Iran; yet believers knew nothing of them till recently. In spite of the attempt to marginalize Her Brilliant Spirit, Her Voice rings out again today.

Here’s to Tahira’s Dream for humanity, entitled “Birth of Universal Guidance” further unfolding into the New Cycle.

Living Love, Starr*


Tahirih and The Unfolding by Andrew Carter and Starr* Saffa

Andrew: Clearly, there is some resistance in certain circles to the idea that Tahira and the Bab together constitute the Twin Manifestations.



Starr*: In Abbas Amanat’s book, Resurrection and Renewal, he affirms that Tahirih was known as the “Point of Divine Knowledge [nuqtih-i-hadrat-i ‘ilm]” before Her association with Babism. Those familiar with the Qur’anic verses “I Was a Hidden Treasure” understand that “Point of Divine Knowledge” is interchangeable with the Essence of Primal Oneness of the Absolute. In other words She was the Essence made manifest.



In like manner The Bab, with the eighteen Letters of the Living, became known as the Primal Point.



In both instances of Tahirih and The Bab, also known as “Primal Point”, the “Point” or “Dot” is found within the Primal Oneness of the Absolute of preexistence.



Therefore, since Tahira and the Bab both appeared as Manifestations in the same place during the same period of time, and their missions became interconnected, they were indeed as Twin Manifestations from Divine Essence.


Andrew: Tahira is the only woman to have emerged from the Abrahamic tradition with her own messianic claim to prophethood. As the Bab himself emphasized to Tahira’s critics: “It is not destined for you to realize the truth of her status (i.e., station).” It is only in our own times that we have acquired the awareness to appreciate the true station of Tahira: the Manifestation of God for our Age. Not as a divine figure who masquerades as a human being, but as one whose humanity is so full and complete that God lives in and through her. How appropriate that our post-modern age has its first post-modern messiah in this woman whose life and mission among us can be seen as an evolutionary event that permanently changed the nature of humankind.

To this end I offer an image of a painting I created (now in a private collection) in response to the message of Tahira as embodied in the song “The Unfolding” by Lisa Gerrard.




                                   By Andrew Carter

Starr*: It should be noted that Tahirih closed the Abrahamic Cycle, thereby tanscending patriarchy, and at the same time opened the Gate or marked the dawning of a Universal Cycle of Unity and Balance.


York Crucifixion and Tahirih: Female Cosmic Christ

              Madonna Crucifixion

‘The York Crucifixion’, is a Happy Dagger Theatre presentation, supported by The City of Perth. It is showing at The Rechabites’ Hall, Northbridge until 23rd March. Shows at 7.30, late shows Friday and Saturday at 9.30 pm. 

The other day the phone rang with the information that some one was doing a play here in Perth about the crucifixion of a Female Jesus/Madonna with a similar theme of the title of my book: “Tahirih: Female Cosmic Christ Spirit of the Age” which has been advertised in Perth through TV, Radio, Newspapers, and Book Launch Flyers (1st and 2nd Editions).   

The play is entitled “The York Crucifixion” which features Renee McIntosh as a semi-naked Jesus on the cross persecuted by soldiers. The local clergy has reacted negatively to the idea that a woman could play the part of Jesus in a lead up to Easter. The Director, Andrew Hale, says the play is about examining ‘love and sacrifice’ yet the clergy reject the right of the Arts to examine these themes if they use religious icons such as Jesus. Some community members ridicule the Government for contributing $28,000. towards the production. 

The thing that gets me about this negative reaction by the churches is that they have been out of balance by portraying God and the Messengers with male pronouns throughout the patriarchal Abrahamic cycle with no consideration of the Divine Female Counterparts. Obviously this has made religion out of balance by focusing on the male gender and marginalizing the ‘other half’ of Divinity.   So at the end of the day I have to congratulate Happy Dagger for coming out in an effort to rebalance society and giving the churches a chance to show their bigotry in clinging to outworn models of duality and their obvious rejection of harmony, balance, and Wholeness.  

My first publisher, who is a devoted Catholic, said that he saw no reason why Christ could not return as a Female. I am so encouraged by his calibre of thought.  

Starr* Saffa 


                      cantara.jpg      cantara.jpg     cantara.jpg

Andrew Carter is a member of the Naqshbandi Sufi Meditation Circle which recognizes the Revelation of Tahirih and the Bab. He has created this painting entitled “Cantara” which in Arabic means ‘bridge’.

Andrew provides the following explanation:

“From this shore of the world to that shore of the Divine, the Bab is the bridge, and from that shore of the Divine to this shore of the world, Tahirih is the bridge; those who become of one heart and mind with Tahirih and the Bab themselves become a part of the bridge linking both shores.”

DIVINE COUNTER –PARTS: Tahirih & The Bab; Kosmic Balance Album by Starr* Saffa

tahirih-face-profile.gif            female-male-kosmic-christ2.jpg

 The Bab and Tahirih    (Twin Manifestations)      Jesus and Mary  


In today’s thinking we are finding that ideas of duality are giving way to concepts of wholeness, especially as we are in the ending echoes of the patriarchal cycle and birthing the new one of Balance. Of course to bring about Balance the female aspect of wholeness needs to be supported and emphasised as an equal component of that Oneness. 

Perhaps this is why the truth of Mary Magdalene being an equal Counterpart of Jesus has surfaced. Indeed, it is the reason that the truth of Tahirih being a twin Messiah to that of the Bab is now being brought to light also. They were the dawn breakers of the new Paradigm of Balance who made their claims as the returned Christ Spirit in the 1844 period so as to prepare humanity for the Shift we are now experiencing.

  Here is a link to an album which has two songs which support this transformation. 

Kosmic Balance Album:×92nt

Betty Butler Responds to Badi Cardenas Review of Tahirih Thealogy by Starr* Saffa


Greetings Readers

I have posted Betty Butler’s Review of  Badi Villar Cardenas Review of “Tahirih Thealogy” written by myself (Starr* Saffa) because she brings out a very important point about the New Age beginning with Tahirih as the Word of God on Earth.  She is pictured above. Starr*

My name is Betty Butler. I am familiar with Saffa’s “Tahirih Thealogy” as well as with the Babi-Baha’i text which gives me an informed position for commenting on Badi Villar Cardenas’s review. He has a lot of courage to review a book which does not meet with current Baha’i standard statements. I applaud his kind manner and insights.

Cardenas’s review put a lot of emphasis on questioning Saffa’s claim of Tahirih’s Pointhood. Therefore, his review of Tahirih Thealogy is somewhat disappointing in that it does a disservice to the “Proofs and Evidences” chapter of Tahirih’s messianic status that Saffa brilliantly developed and outlined with compelling evidences and reasoning. Sure more and more proofs can eventually be compiled. However, Cardenas basically slides past this chapter as if it was almost non-existent except for a brief mention of Tahirih being the return of Fatima that Saffa points out. Even in this instance he fails to mention that Saffa cited several instances in Baha’i writings and literature where it is confirmed that Tahirih was referred to as the return of Fatima. This should be no surprise to a reviewer as it is well known that Abdu’l-baha likens Tahirih to the Virgin Mary and Fatima who both hold religious status and are associated with such titles as ‘Mother of God’, ‘Mother of the World’ and the like.

I was also disappointed with Cardenas’s indifference to the metaphysical aspects of Revelatory Disclosure which made it convenient for his review to omit Tahirih’s proclamation that she is the “Word that the Promised One utters” that she made at the Conference of Badasht. Anyone familiar with the phrase “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God” will easily begin to understand the implications of this prophetic utterance.  The Bab ratified all that Tahirih inaugurated and told all the members of the Babi community to submit to her as all were unable to comprehend her station.

As Saffa explains elsewhere Tahirih, the Point of Divine Knowledge, knew and had written down the Words of the Surih of Joseph long before Siyyid Ali Muhammad penned them for Mulla Husayn. When the Bayan, which was proclaimed by the Bab (Qa’im) is taken into account then it becomes clearer that Tahirih is the foundation Word that the entire Baha’i Faith is built upon (Mother Book).

Cardenas brings some interesting historical research to the review which in some ways support Saffa’s revealing of Tahirih’s equal and interactive station with the Bab; but by omission of information, influence of the present day Bahai lens, and confusion of timing the support ends up withdrawn and perhaps accomplishing the opposite. I hope Saffa will address these points some in her response to Cardenas which is located at.

I made a short podcast review which addresses other points of Tahirih Thealogy which can be listened to at: .

Sincerely, Betty Butler

* the Cardenas Review:



fubar (aka ep Eric Pierce) said,

July 3, 2009 at 4:23 pm · Edit


Thanks for upholding the idea that spirituality should be about transcedence and liberation, including liberation from the oppressive, patriarchal aspects of the esoteric traditions. Tahirih’s subversion of oppression is an inspiration.

I find Buddhist ideas about the universality of spirit appealing because they are not burdened by hierarchy definitions and arguments about “who is a prophet” (and what kind of prophet, etc.).

In Buddhism, enlightenment is enlightenment. No artificial, false boundries exist that divide people into “prophets” and “non-prophets”.

Like all other areas of life, some people excel at transcendence, have great mystical talent, and are spiritual geniuses. Some appear at historical moments where great possibilities for social, economic and political paradigm shifts are possible. amd they crystalize the possibilities.

In the past, these people were called “prophets”, etc. Eventually an elaborate system was developed that ranked them. From what I can tell, at the beginning of the babi-bahai system, the belief structure was very open, dynamic, and supportive of creativity. Tahirih of course best exemplifies the creative, spiritual genius of that time. As institutionalization set in, the belief structure became rigid and orthodox. The “middle man scam” set in, and the religious leadership “meme” misappropriated the images and archetypes of spiritual liberation. All the dreary old categories were reimposed, albeit under “reformed” definitions.

Thanks for bringing back the creativity and dynamism, and rescuing Tahirih from being put into a conventional, deprecated category which misrepresents her spiritual, artistic, intellectual and political genius.

tahirihstarr said,

July 5, 2009 at 5:53 pm · Edit

Fubar writes:

“Thanks for bringing back the creativity and dynamism, and rescuing Tahirih from being put into a conventional, deprecated category which misrepresents her spiritual, artistic, intellectual and political genius”

Starr*: Your important comment arrived just as Tahirih’s Words of prophecy unfold in Iran (the clergy losing power) where She proclaims that:

The little tongue (epiglottis) of breath and voice will be cut out at the root of the pretentious shayk’s so their deception will be eradicated from the earth (Farsi translation of the Morn of Guidance, 3rd stanza, not shown in English translations). Also, in that poem She writes that “with the power of equality injustice will evaporate, and with the power of heart-thinking and knowledge ignorance will be destroyed.

Regarding your statements re Buddhism, I would agree that it is a blessing to be living where enlightenment is simply enlightenment. However, Buddhism has suffered the patriarchal male domination causing little awareness of Tara, the female Buddha counterpart, which has limited the flow of Spirit, leaving the religion out of balance. This is why Tahirih closed the gate on all past religions and opened the gate to a universal cycle where the female and male are balanced and the people receive Divine Inspiration within through their connection with Source in the Oneness of creation.

People at the Tahirih Meeting were very appreciative of your comments, as am I. Thank you. Starr*

THE TAHIRIH PATH – Presented by Starr* Saffa


Dreaming the New Paradigm into Being TOGETHER 


The Tahirih Path Celebrates

1 The coming of the cycle of balance and harmony

2 Inner truth balanced with rational proofs

3 The god/ess within the individual

4 Continuous revelations through the individual

5 Empowerment of the individual

6 The uplifting of the female to be a balanced counterpart to the male

7 Wholeness of female and male principles within each individual

8. The upraising of feminine qualities in civilization

9 The end of force as an operating principle

10 Religion beyond religion and politics beyond politics

11 Being beyond prophet -worship and dogmas of any limiting advice

12 The power of and by the people in the establishment of peace through

magnetic attraction of love

13 Connecting with ones True Self through awareness

14 Knowing through personal gnosis and experience

15 Humanity’s advancement scientifically and spiritually

16 Recognizing the divine principles of life throughout the Universe

17 Intelligent reproduction for the betterment of planetary advancement

18 Limitless co-creation

19 Being connected to all that is

20 Being a living essence of source.

This path needs no formalization as it follows natural cosmic order.  

1. The coming of the cycle of balance and harmony

Individual application: I have been born into a time of transformation where separation is fast losing being the paradigm for humanity. As I understand that separation is not the ultimate truth and that connection with all that is, is the reality, it becomes ever more necessary to come into balance physically, mentally, and spiritually for my own advancement so that I may more readily plug into the divine energy.

As an individual, when my male and female aspects are more balanced in my thoughts, the interplay between the two within myself allows me to reach a more peaceful frame of mind as I can understand the variety of characteristics in both, use the characteristics that best serve the situation, and no longer be in direct conflict with the duality and separation resulting from being out of balance. Thus my existence is more harmonious.

Bringing my thinking and thoughts into balance in turn bring my physical body into balance by producing the hormones that are necessary for healthful happy responses to life.

When my body and mind come into balance I can connect more easily with the Cosmic Spiritual Laws and then I personally become more attuned to those laws and realize my harmony and connection with the whole of creation.

Collective Outcomes: Collectively the world is entirely out of balance in that it has been predominately the male patriarchal effects that are now dominant and the feminine attributes and spirit long forgotten. Almost everything that is being developed is being done through force which causes a natural imbalance: thus creating the weak and the strong; the poor and the rich; the slave and the ruler; the uneducated and the educated; and so forth. When society is more balanced the extremes resulting from force will be lessened whereby people will be able to work more harmoniously on the city, state, nation, and world arenas. Without the feminine spirit operating equally in the world a continuous state of war and strife will prevail.

When society is in balance force will start to naturally change to operate through magnetic attraction which will create dramatic changes in the socio-political environment. Therefore, all creations will be the outcome of working on the ‘love’ vibration and in order to interact in the society the individual will have to be using this vibration to exist within it. This natural mandatory level of interaction almost entirely rules out crime and dysfunction.

2. Inner truth balanced with rational proofs

Individual Outcomes: This is probably the most important practice in the Tahirih Path because the individual is the heart of evolution for planet earth as the pivot of revelation. It is this inner truth which connects the individuals to their higher selves in order that they can bring these truths back to the earthly realm.

As the individual brings these promptings from the cosmos and outer limits into the physical world the individual can take the science and knowledge that exists in the world as confirmation of the truths one has communicated and use these rational proofs to explain the information to others.

This one teaching allows the individual to discard erroneous man made dogmas that begin in words and end in words so as not to spend years stuck in unproductive belief systems which restrict cosmic connections.

Collective Outcomes: Living in a society where all the individuals acknowledge their own inner truth and that truth is accepted by the society, then this practice lends towards harmony in that society itself. When these inner revelations come through the individual into the world rational ephemeral proofs make them more meaningful for the civilization itself. When the society honors the individual’s truth then there is a natural protection from organizations or leaders trying to control the individual powers. In turn when the individual is not controlled the powers available to the collective society via the individual are expanded and the civilization as a whole advances.

 3. The God/ess within the individual

Individual Outcomes: When an individual understands that God/ess resides within their very being then the feelings of alienation abate and a connection to all that Is becomes more realized. With this knowledge of the God/ess within the individual becomes aware that s/he have powers and that s/he plays a part in creation. When a person realizes that God/ess is within then the fear of the punishing God/ess outside of the person loses its power over the person and frees that person to fulfill their potential. Being part of the Source of all that Is implies a personal responsibility as well as a responsibility towards all creation, which is the spiritual advancement of the whole.

Collective Outcomes: When we have a society composed of individuals who know they have the power of God/ess within then it becomes almost impossible for a ruler to arise with the intention of trying to control the people through fear of the unknown punishing God outside of themselves. Therefore, any leadership that exists in the society will be one that works co-operatively with the individuals that compose it. In turn, this mutual co-operation will foster the harmony of the individuals with the leadership. The God/ess within the individual will guide the individual to support advices and guidelines of the community which are in line with the highest good. As a consequence, of this co-operation and harmony, progress in the community will move forward unhindered by the opposition of personal power- hungry agendas.

4. Continuous revelation through the individual

Individual Outcomes: When a person realizes they can be the seat of revelations coming into the world they inhabit they then work to be in line with the laws that allow that process. This is a positive step for the individual in that the individual seeks to purify and align with cosmic law and therefore is on a path of spiritual growth. When knowledge or revelations from higher realms come to an individual those revelations enhance the life of the individual. In this way it can be seen that the process is self perpetuating towards wholeness and perfection.

Collective Outcomes: A community that is aware that revelations towards advancement come through the individual then works to make the individual an important and integral part of the community. In turn this arrangement fosters co-operative appreciation between the individual and the collective community. When a society works in an environment of appreciation the revelations or knowledge that comes to that society is received in that spirit of appreciation and takes on the clothing of ‘grace’. When knowledge is applied with grace it has the greatest benefit, whereas bereft of grace the knowledge becomes oppressive and non productive. Therefore, a civilization that honors the knowledge coming through the individual sets up a process where there is light upon light on the Path of an ascending civilization.

5. Empowerment of the individual

Individual Outcomes: Believing in the empowerment of the individual brings the one holding this thought into connection with his/her own true self and thus their cosmic powers increase relatively. Because we are all connected at Source then it is logical that the empowerment of each and every individual is empowerment of the whole to which one belongs. This fosters fuller awareness in the individual of love being the power and the bonding force. The more the individual learns to use this energy in harmony with the cosmic laws the more empowered the individual becomes, which brings greater levels of happiness, peace, and joy in relation to existence.

Collective Outcomes: It becomes ever so clear that when a civilization is comprised of empowered individuals that civilization will readily advance as it no longer has to put money and resources into rehabilitating those who have been cut off from their abilities. Empowered individuals are in a position to contribute to the whole in a way which benefits the whole, thus the civilization itself becomes an enlightened civilization. Empowerment of the individual can be related to the health and strength of a community in the same way that strong building blocks together make a strong supported stable building.

 6. The uplifting of the female to be a balanced counterpart to the male

Individual Outcomes: When the female is given the space and opportunity to develop she demonstrates the most wonderful ability and becomes a vehicle of spirit in the world. Because man and woman alike are composed of the female aspects integrally it becomes a necessary benefit to ensure that the female aspect is respected equally so that each individual can honor that aspect of themselves. By uplifting the female, people in general will no longer be in separation or cut off from their own spirit.

Collective Outcomes: It stands to reason that if there is a weakness in the body that body is not in a position to advance as best it could as if the weakness did not exist. In like manner when the female is uplifted to her full empowerment the society will be in better alignment to achieve perfection. With the creative spirit of the female aspect developed and operating in the world a heaven on earth is a real possibility.

7. Wholeness of female and male principles within each individual

Individual Outcomes: This is a divine state of homeostasis whereby the individual in its natural androgynous state experiences and expresses in a balanced manner which reflects the natural order of being. The pressures of separation and dualistic paradigms no longer exercise influence on the individual and the individual can then contribute that misdirected energy to more productive activities of creation.

Collective Outcomes: With the individuals having understanding of what the male and female principles represent within themselves then they can bring that understanding to the collective which in turn will alleviate the battle between the sexes and the gross discrimination against women which has previously prevailed in a patriarchal minded society.

8. The upraising of feminine qualities in civilization

Individual Outcomes: An endless array of creating and being opens up to an individual living in a society that is composed of the feminine qualities as well as the masculine. Every person has a much greater potential to flourish in such a civilization.

Collective Outcomes: As a result the co-operation and harmony in the collective will give rise to advancement and balanced outcomes in society and all its endeavors including artistic and technological representations.

9. The end of force as an operating principle

Individual Outcomes: With force no longer being the operating principle the oppression of pressure will be removed as a burden from the backs of the members of society and they will be able to operate out of pure pleasure rather than exerted forced energy.

Collective Outcomes: When force no longer is the operating principle the fear factor in the home, the city, the state, the nation, and the world will be negligible and a new operating paradigm will be able to flourish with out robbing the earth and warring with one another.

10. Religion beyond religion and politics beyond politics

Individual Outcomes: First of all when we use the phrase ‘religion beyond religion’ we must ask, ‘just what does that mean?’. It means that the individual becomes free to connect to the natural laws of the Universe without being subject to the man-made laws and dogmas which do not lend towards individual progress in reconnecting to ones own divine higher Self. Likewise, when we are practicing divine politics, which is politics beyond politics, the intent become purified and brings integrity, honesty, and trust back into the dynamics of life, therefore, the individual experiences those virtues in themselves as well as others.

Collective Outcomes: A society which is composed of individuals who are free to practice true divine religion and true politics is a society which is advancing and ascending towards Wholeness.

11. Being beyond Prophet Worship and dogmas of any limiting advice

Individual Outcome: This is a key teaching for all people living ‘now’ in this transitory time, if people are ever going to grow up and start recognizing their own God within. As long as people worship Prophets they will be subject to obeying any man-made statement or any interpretation of the Prophets sayings. Therefore, they will be cutting off their own inner promptings of Spirit. They will come to believe power is external to their own selves and will loose the knowledge and use of their own divine essence.

Collective Outcomes: Obviously a society which is composed of individuals who are not controlled through Prophet-worship will be able to accomplish any imaginable progress. The test of man-made dogmas is to see if it limits the individual or society. If it does then it is a man-made advice seeking to control. Let us remember that the laws of magnetic attraction are at play here – so there is no need to try and limit the potential of creative living.

12. The power of the people by the people in the establishment of the peace through the magnetic attraction of love

Individual Outcome: This teaching is of prime importance for the individual because it empowers the person to bring his or her own piece of light and knowledge forward in a way which will affect the whole. In this way the person becomes part of the collective’s guidelines and therefore is supportive of those guidelines with the wish to make them work for the whole society. No longer will the individual be victim to ruthless dictatorships. The people will learn to be powerful through using loving magnetism and will discover force can not win. Therefore, the individual will be in harmony with the law of love and the law of the land.

Collective Outcomes: The society will flourish because the people have a say in the laws that govern them. The say that they have is based on the laws of truth which operate out of loving energy. This is divine law and it brings progress.

13. Connecting with one’s Higher Self through awareness

Individual Outcomes: Awareness lets us realize that we have a Higher Self, and that that Higher Self resides at the Source level where all that Is connects. Therefore, when the individual raises her or his awareness and has a supernatural experience s/he won’t deny that experience because s/he is aware of her or his own higher states of being. This knowledge allows the individual to reach beyond into various dimensions and bring advanced or new knowledge to her or his own present life.

Collective Outcomes: It is a win win situation when the society is composed of people who can contact their own higher states. This is especially true when the society uses this medium to incorporate the knowledge that comes through the society’s members rather than just dismiss it.


To connect with ones self is to feel whole and know that you alone are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

You feel at peace and also have learned to love yourself and can love every other soul unconditionally.

You have learnt forgiveness and dealt with the many lessons that have come your way which you know that you chose to do.

You will be able to deal with anything that life may put in your way as you can sit back and look in on a problem and deal with it knowing it is a learning curve for you.

14 Knowing through personal gnosis and experience

Individual Outcomes: If a person does not know something firsthand then s/he is simply repeating someone else’s ideas in blind faith. On the other hand when a person has a personal knowing and that knowing is backed up through experience, then that knowledge is a ‘reality’ for that person. Otherwise it is useless information to that individual because it something they have only acquired and has no personal meaning.

Collective Outcomes: A society that is composed of people who trust their own knowing makes it a society that can not be easily manipulated. Also it provides an opportunity for that society to reflect the diversity of all its members which in turn gives a much truer picture of the Whole than one that keeps its people focused on a limited amount of models in blind faith.

15 Humanity’s advancement scientifically and spiritually

Individual and Collective Outcomes: In reality science and spirituality are inextricably linked and in truth are one – where both serve the same goal of reaching Wholeness. When the individual is spiritually attuned then the science has the spiritual intent behind it, which can then only be a benefit to the people and the society.

16 Recognizing the divine principles of life throughout the Universe

Individual Outcomes: When a person becomes aware that the entire Universe is ordered and that it was created according to a divine plan then that individual is open to accepting limitless knowledge and being part of limitless creation based on divine principles.

Collective Outcomes: Obviously a civilization that is open to knowledge based on divine principles can progress; whereas a civilization that is blinded to virtue is in regression.

17 Intelligent reproduction for the betterment of planetary advancement

Individual Outcomes: First of all people become free from unjust burden when they are not expected to have children that they can not afford or bring up properly. Also, all people who incarnate are then wanted and cared for. Such security cuts out a great deal of personal suffering. It allows for everyone to feel like part of the society and know they are making a contribution by just being.

Collective Outcomes: When the society is not over burdened with unwanted and unloved people, disease and crime will be greatly reduced. Also by not over populating the Gaia there will be enough land to support those that are born which should reduce conflict, hunger, and war. The earth will no longer be over used and raped beyond what its capability and pollution will end.

18 Limitless co-creation

Individual Outcomes: Imagine a world where people are free to manifest and create anything their minds can think of – of course in order to do so one has to rely on the principles and laws of the universe which includes magnetic attraction. Denying the quality of life will be relegated to the past.

Collective Outcomes: Imagine a society which does not have to be concerned with manifesting and creating the needs of the members of that society because the members are capable of creating their own needs themselves.

19 Being connected to all that is

Individual Outcomes: When a person realizes the connection to all that Is an elevated appreciation for life develops in the person and a sacredness for all things.

Collective Outcomes: When the feelings and awareness is alive in the individual of being connected to all that Is then collectively the members have a respect for the environment and one another which leads to a harmonious existence.

Being connected to all that is, by Joy Gray

When we are connected to all that is, we know that there is much more out there that we ever dreamed possible and anything is possible. We know that everything we see, smell and touch are part of us and we are part of them, whether it is the plants, the oceans, the mountains or whatever. We are but a small speck in something that is so huge and we also know that we can create anything that we need as we are creators in our own right. We are very powerful beings. We are love.

20. Being a living essence of Source

Individual Outcomes: Every breath of each individual becomes important when s/he lives with an awareness of his or her own God within.

Collective Outcomes: All life thrives in a Society that reflects God/ess.


Some Tahirih Thealogy Advices by Starr* Saffa


                                 Sacred Symbol of Tahirih

Tahirih Advices For Humanity    

Tahirih’s life (Iran, 1844) was devoted to upraising all who dwell on earth. Her essence is living within us today and therefore it behoo0btn-starr.jpgves us to create our own Thealogy around Her example and teachings through our own experiential gnosis. As an example I share some of the works that I and others are beginning to develop. May Tahirih Thealogy encourage and empower others to do likewise. 

Starr* Saffa, Modern Day Tahirih, 2007


Some Advices to Consider 

Advices for a more harmonious civilization

First of all know that the Angels, Divas, Masters, Guides, and Helpers that reside in the unseen world are waiting to rush forth to aid you at all times in your endeavours in living in a Civilization that mirrors Heaven on earth.



*The first Advice is to know and love Yourself, for as you know and love Yourself you will know and love God/ess.  

*Honour that each person has their own gnosis and knowing of God, for you are all part of the Whole and what is Truth for one may not be Truth for another.  


*If thou choosest to bring another into the world of Being it is incumbent upon you to want that being and be prepared to love that being from the innermost parts of your heart, to ensure the education, and financial care for that child. When this intent and ability are in place it is required that two or more of you spend three weeks meditating and calling a Spirit that is needed in the civilization before bringing the physical elements of being together. In this way the talents that come to the world will be needed and wanted. The population quota must not be overstepped for each community.


*No longer will it be meet and seemly to farm animals or eat sentient flesh of any description. Rather each person should be supplied with enough land to grow their own raw vegetables, fruits, and herbs and fragrant flowers.

*If a dispute arises among yourselves, whether it be in the family, city, nation, or globally, the problem is to be fed into the Problem Solver (RicHter Post Computer Machine, Tahirih Thealogy page 245) , upon which facts are agreed upon, as all knowledge is everywhere at the same time and therefore can produce the best solution and all involved must strive to abide by that solution.


*Use the power of magnetic attraction for powering your needs, rather than technologies of force that rape and pollute the Mother Earth.


*Strive to use the power of living love in all thoughts, words, deeds, and relationships, for as you love, so shall your powers be.

“Tahirih – Uniting East and West ” by Starr* Saffa


Unite East and West through Tahirih’s Life and Teachings, by Starr* Saffa

In Persia Tahirih is renowned for her mystical poetry, for championing women’s emancipation by unveiling in a misogynistic climate, and of course the Baha’i Faith claims it’s beginning in Babism which Tahirih on one level breathed into being, although they have for all practical purposes downplayed Her true status. My book “Tahirih Thealogy” reveals her messianic status which has been obscured and concealed by patriarchy and those who appropriated Her figure. Tahirih is unique in history and people may want to know why and what her unique station means to the people of today.This amazing modern Goddess/Messianic Player, whose Figure operates on many levels, appeared on earth to open the portal for humanity’s reconnection with the Infinite Consciousness, to inaugurate a new Universal Cycle, and establish the full emancipation of women.

The Sun has risen in the East and reached the Hearts of many in the West, which has the potential to go full circle back to the lands from which She came. Humanity’s progress during the past 160 years has unfolded since she breathed this Spirit into the world.

Tahirih appeared at the very time that religions throughout the world were expecting the Promised One, the 12th Imam, The Saoshyant, the Mahidi, return of Christ, etc who had been foretold in their Holy Books.

She announced at the Conference of Badasht (a three month Conference) in Iran in 1848, that the door on the past religious dispensations was now closed, and that the Gate for the new day had now dawned. At the same time She said that the Shari’a Law would no longer be applicable in that people must now practice the “Secret Key”.

The Secret Key, as was known by the Shaykhi Mystical Esoteric School is that ‘Intuitive Knowledge’ is the highest Truth. Along with the teaching of the Secret Key, Tahirih advocated the use of rational proofs as a balance. Thus it is evident that in this day of humanity’s maturity people are virtually their own prophets – and religion beyond religion will allow what has been to modernize in a way that gives power to the people. Footnote number #1

Because of these teachings and the abrogation of past dispensations Tahirih was persecuted and, like Mary Magdalene, denounced by the clerics as unchaste when of course such rumors were contrived and held no validity. As such the Bab, who Tahirih animated, who was also known as the 12th Imam that had been in occultation gave the title of “Tahirih” or “Pure One” to Her. Before this time the title of “Qurratu’l-Ayn” was bestowed upon her by Kazim-i-Rashti, head of the mystical Shaykhi school of thought. She was known as the Point of Divine Knowledge (Primal Point) and thus Her followers were called Qurratiya. (see footnote # 2)

In actual fact Tahirih was born with the name of Fatimih Zarrin Taj (Crown of Gold) Baraghani and she was known in Iran and Iraq as the return of Fatima (Mother Creating Principle). Fatima has been called the mother of her father (Prophet Muhammad) because of this station. See other discussions below in footnote number #3.

There were over twenty-thousand martyrs who gave their lives for upholding Tahirih and the Bab’s teachings, and eventually Tahirih was martyred Herself. As I mentioned before Her voice is with us again today to assist in the transition to a balanced civilization.

Tahirih is unique for many reasons. Imagine a woman in a climate where women were kept uneducated and had no political voice arising unveiled as a main religious Leader to proclaim the end of one cycle and the beginning of another attracting men and women followers from Iran, Iraq and the surrounds. Imagine a woman proclaiming the full emancipation of women in such a climate.

Footnote Number 1
“The assembly of Badasht was the culmination of Qurrat al-‘Ayn’s Bábí career. Convinced of her own mission and free from family ties, she was more than ever determined to press home to the Bábí audience of her vision of religious independence and political revolt… she removed her veil in the middle of her speech to the Badasht gathering… One Isfahani zealot cut his own throat. Unrepenting, Qurrat al-‘Ayn proclaimed to the gathering: “…Today all religious obligations are abrogated… ” (Resurrection and Renewal, by Abbas Amanat, Cornell University Press, U.S.A., 1989, pages 324 – 326, ISBN: 0-8014-2098-9)

Footnote Number 2
“Holding regular gatherings… she spoke to large audiences from behind a curtain. In the inner quarters she also held classes for women. Her personality, theological knowledge, and mastery of Arabic impressed Arabs and Persians alike… The Qurratiya, as her followers came to be known in Iraq, were successful in transmitting her message to the Shi’ite public beyond Karbala, thus causing excitement… and anxiety for the Shaykhi and Usuli leaders alike… (Her) debate was based on Shaykhi ideas, but with a distinct messianic overtone… The fact that she had her own views contradictory to the Islamic law and legal injunctions, combined with the fact that she adopted certain ascetic practices like devotional prayers, and eschewing meat and cooked food, underscores her independent religious stance. Clearly, her commitment to the Báb provided her with a framework… The surviving examples of Qurrat al-Ayn’s works from this period testify to her skill in making use of the Qur’an and hadith for arguing the theme of progressive revelations… ” (Resurrection and Renewal, by Abbas Amanat, Cornell University Press, U.S.A., 1989, pages 300 – 303, ISBN: 0-8014-2098-9)

—- Footnote number 3 (various discussions re station of Fatima) Cont. of Badi’s review: Todd Laswson’s article: “The Most Learned of the Shi’a: The Authority of the Feminine and Fatima” (Oxford university Press – 2001) says that in a Babi context Fatima has a high cosmogonic status. Starr uses Lawson’s findings as substantial evidence to suggest that Tahirih, who was known as the return of Fatima, should then, also, be known to have messianic status.

Starr*: Basically Fatima was often referred to as the mother of Muhammad even though she was his daughter (because of her being part of the creating principle [esoteric understanding]).

Muhammad explained to the people that Fatima represents part of him (the female principle of Prophethood). There is always the male and female aspects of the Word being made flesh through the various levels of existence. Distinguished women, past and present: Fatima is Fatima This is a part of a lecture at the University of Toronto for CIRA 2001, April 2001 By: Massoume Price

“Allah revealed to Prophet Muhammad that he created the universe for him and because of him. He later told him that Muhammad himself was created because of Ali and at the end proclaimed that both and all was created because of Fatima.(Hadith Ghodsi).


Jab Kabhi Ghairat-e-Insaan Ka Sawaal Aata Hai
Bint-e-Zehra Terey Pardey Ka Khayaal Aata Hai
Fatima bint Muhammad is one of the four noblest women in Islamic teachings. This is not just because she is the daughter of the Prophet of Islam or the wife of Imam Ali or the mother of Hasan and Hussain. These relationships are significant in themselves, but Fatima is important to the Muslims in her own right. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is seen as the perfect model of the values and teachings that were revealed in the holy Qur’an. He was the Last Prophet and the Qur’an was the Final Revelation: no prophet or scripture is to be sent after him. However, the Prophet was a man and so he could not be a complete role model for half of the humanity; therefore, there was a need for a perfect female model of Qur’anic values and teachings. And that role model for women was Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet. This is how Fatima is part of the Prophet; she completes the female dimension of the Prophet’s function as a complete role model for humanity.

That is why the Prophet of Islam described Fatima as follows: “The leader of all the ladies of Paradise.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. 4, p.819.)

“Fatima is a part of me, and he who makes her angry, makes me angry.” (Sahih al-Bukhari, vol. 5, p. 61.)

According to the holy Qur’an (33:33) she is among the infallibles ones in Islam. This status of infallibility comes with being a part of the Prophetic mission: he is the perfect role model for the men whereas she is the perfect role model for women.

*Today Tahirih is both (representing balance of the individual) – Her figure operates on many levels including revelatory Maid of Heaven and the creating principle.

She ended the past paradigm, opened the Portal to Source for humankind, and began a Cycle of harmony where the indivuidual is a co-creator. No longer must the individual have to go through the Manifestation to reach Source.

Tahirih and the Surah of Joseph by Starr* Saffa

tahirih-face-profile.gif coat-of-many-colors-and-starr.gif Coat of Many Colors

Ya Tahirih-Qurratu’l-Ayn !

Tahirih and the Surah of Joseph

Recently someone on line had a dream about Tahirih and a man with a torn shirt of many colours. The dream reminded me of Tahirih and the Story of Joseph so I thought I’d write up something that indicates the relationship of Tahirih and the Story of Joseph , especially in that She is the One who knew the WORDS that the Bab would pen in relation to the Story of Joseph years before any one else did. The very Words that would prove he was the one that was being sought after as the return of the twelfth Imam. This is why she says “I am the Word the Promised  One utters”.

Basically in the story of Joseph, the half brothers of Joseph were jealous of him because he had prophetic dreams and his father loved him so and had even given him a coat of many colours. In one of his prophetic dreams he told of a time when the brothers would bow down and worship him. In their jealousy they threw him into a shallow pit or well. The half brothers took him out of the pit and sold Joseph into slavery. They bloodied Joseph’s coat and told the father Joseph was killed, which caused the father to be grief stricken.

Through his life Joseph continued to have dreams which ended up giving him position with the King as the Kings dream-interpreter. Thus the King named him as Governor. Joseph’s interpretation of the King’s dreams saved the region as they were able to store enough corn to see the region through a seven year season of famine. In the end the brothers bowed down to Joseph, not knowing who he was, and showed that they had changed into people of integrity, therefore, Joseph saved their lives and reunited the family.

How does this story relate to Tahirih? She was the one who had the prophetic dreams and was recognized by the Bab as the “Mirror of the Word of God on Earth”. This caused great jealousy among two brothers of the Babi community or family, namely Subh-i Azal, and Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri (later known as Bahá’u’lláh) who started sects of the Babi religion. Both completely ignored Tahirih and personally did not name her in any of their own works. This left their movements without the Spirit. In fact Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri even penned tablets where the Maiden of Heaven or Spirit cried in anguish because She could find no sincerity among them.

We are now at a period of time where Tahirih’s Divine and Prophetic Voice is rising again to usher people into the Shift of the Ages, giving people a chance to regain their integrity before there is a complete draught of the Spirit. Surely, like Joseph of a coat of many colours, Tahirih will embrace the progeny of those who went astray and bring the various hues of humanity into a united family under Her Banner once they show their hearts have been purified. Thus the bloodied torn coat of humanity will have been mended and melded together producing a beautiful multicoloured fabric.

*There’s another mystery regarding the dream the person on line had about Tahirih yet to be revealed.

Birth of Universal Guidance

The Breeze of Guidance commanded the breath of life to begin

The Universe has been illuminated, every horizon, every Being

No more sits the sheikh in the seat of hypocrisy

No more is the mosque a business selling holiness

The epiglottis is cut from the throat

Silencing the pretentious sheikhs and their deception

The world is set free from superstitions and vain imaginings

Humankind set free from confusion and misconceptions

With the Power of Equality injustice becomes evaporated

And with intuition and knowledge ignorance destroyed

The carpet of justice is spread everywhere

The seeds of love and friendship scattered throughout

The false verdicts eradicated from all horizons

And concepts of opposition and separation changed to that of unity.

Poem of Tahereh Qurratu’l-Ayn  1838 – 1840

from the Book of Poems of Fatemeh Zarin Taj – Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn

Edited by Dr. Sam Vaseghi and Dr. Soheila Vaseghi

Published by the Iranian Burnt Books Foundation

World Archives of Iranian Exile Literature

Translated from Farsi to English 2009

Tahirih, Cosmic Spirit of the Age

Tahirih, Cosmic Spirit of the Age

Selection from the poems of Tahirih

Tahirih and the Stories the Heavens Have Told, by Starr* Saffa

Sacred Symbol of Tahirih

    Sacred Symbol of Tahirih

Stories the heavens have told 

Scripture and histories say that at the time of the birth or announcement of every Messenger of God, a star or a sign appears in the heavens. 

Baha’is might wonder what is Starr* Saffa, Betty Butler, and the those on the Tahirih Path going on about Tahirih being the Maid of Heaven made flesh who imparts the Word the Promised One utters, after-all we only know Tahirih as the 17th Letter of the Living and the Bab is the Primal Point, not Tahirih. After-all God can only be known through male Manifestations, even if the Bab and Bahá’u’lláh see God in the Feminine. And who really cares since Babism died out and Bahá’u’lláh is the one whom god made manifest as the universal manifestation is all that is relevant now. Imagine these women claiming that the whole Baha’i Faith is standing on Tahirih, as the Most Great Spirit. “On what basis is it we should consider these claims?” Baha’is might ask.  

Ok, the Baha’is might say, that we know that both the Bab and Bahá’u’lláh have penned down Revelation saying: “I am the Maid of Heaven begotten by Baha”, but what has that got to do with Tahirih? Why do we need to determine if Tahirih’s figure operates on many levels, as do manifestations, one may wonder, how is that relevant? What is this Maiden Theology/TheAlogy all about?   

Some Baha’is wonder why do some scholars say that the time that the One Whom God Would Make Manifest (OWGWMM) that the Bab prophesised has not yet come and that the Baha’i Faith is therefore an intermediary phase which is known as the  Lesser Plan? Is there validity to this reasoning? Why it is that Saffa claims the Twin Manifestations who appeared in 1844 were the Bab and Tahirih and how do the stars in the heavens indicate this?  

Starr* provides some scripture and reasoning to begin to answer this line of questioning. 

First of all let the readers keep in mind that it was in 1844 that the bright star Sirius was found to be a double star (Sirius A and Sirius B) and the double comet Biela became visible in 1843, 1846, 1852 as these dates relate to the events. Also, consult endnotes along the way for further clarification. 

When Tahirih said “I am the Word the Promised One utters”[i] what does that mean? First of all the Word originates with the Godhead and is the first impulse of creation from the Primal Will Essence.[ii] The Word is transmitted to the soul of the Manifestation through the Holy Spirit[iii] (Sacred Fire, Burning Bush, Dove, Angel Gabriel, Maid of Heaven, etc). Thus, the Manifestation becomes the Living Word,[iv] and when that Word is penned down it becomes the recorded Word of God, the Book.  

Consider that Tahirih, in her poems, explains that she was created when nothing else existed.[v] In that sense she would then be the ancient first Word at the level of Primal Point of Knowledge, whereby Knowledge is equated with “Divine Essence” which mirrored Itself forth. (Tahirih was known as the Point of Divine Knowledge early in Her ministry).[vi]  

Next, the fact that the Promised One becomes the Living Word (through Tahirih being the Word) shows that Tahirih represents the Most Great Spirit or Maid of Heaven that transmits the Word. Thus she represents the Holy Spirit in the flesh and she starts her own Messianic movement before aligning with the Bab. Of course, this is all mirrored forth from the matrix Dot (Primal Point). 

Suddenly the interactive mirror images of the Bab and Tahirih as the returned cosmic Christ Spirit in the 1844 period becomes clearer and one can see why the Bab says he is the Primal Point in the flesh and writes what has been transmitted “I am the Maid of Heaven begotten by Baha.[vii]  He pens the Surih of Joseph which was first known by Tahirih. Tahirih is the Word and thus The Bab pens the Bayan which becomes the Mother Book on which Baha’i is based.  The Bab tells all the Babis that they must submit to Tahirih’s Teachings (Word).[viii] Because this is a divine love story She writes poems saying the Bab is Her lover, although they never met in the phenomenal world. Together they demonstrate the Inca belief of parity and what Holy Books explain where everything is born in pairs (interactive mirror images).[ix]  

Tahirih becoming a Letter of the Living as part of the Primal Point demonstrates this interactive mirroring and love story. This is especially visible when we consider that the Bab says it is He and the Letters that compose the Primal Point. Tahirih being the 17th Letter adds up to the number 8 which is the infinity sign and the number of the Queen of Heaven also known as the Word. However, Tahirih being a Letter of the Living does not negate that she had Her own following as a Messianic Leader of the Day (Quratiya and Ayanis). One noted religious man of the time linked the two Revelations together as “Quratyia-Babism”. At this time not only is Sirius found to be a double star but the comet Biela splits in half during their ministry. So it was that Tahirih and the Bab were the prophesised Twin Manifestations. 

The Bab is martyred and Tahirih as the Maid of Heaven writes another love poem to the vicegerent appointed by the Bab to carry the faith forward but he fails to pen the Word. Thus, as the transmitter of the Word, Tahirih (Most Great Spirit) can take on many lovers or Manifestations to complete Revelation whether in the flesh or not. Especially since Manifestations are all One. Many are called, few are chosen. “My raining Cause made deities divine; all Lords have by My ample order thrived. No. 110, Ode of the Dove, penned by Bahá’u’lláh and translated by Juan Cole can be found at:  

Tahirih was reported to have encouraged Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri (who took the title of Baha’u’llah) to make a stand for the Babis at one point as she could see that the movement was being cut short due to persecutions and the Word that needed transmission for humanity’s progress was not yet finished.   

Then in 1852 the Spirit made flesh (Tahirih) left this realm. This is the very same year[x] that Mirza Husayn Ali Nuri beheld the Divine Maiden in the Siyah-Chal  and became informed of his mission by the Heavenly Maiden (Oct. 1852).[xi] Next Bahá’u’lláh pens his communication of the Word which says “I am the Maid of Heaven, the offspring begotten by the Spirit of Baha.[xii] It is also the same year (1852) that the comet Biela was sighted and then disappeared never to be sighted again.  

*It should be noted that Baha’i scripture says there will be no fresh revelation for a thousand years from Bahá’u’lláh’s ministry. However, this is contrary to the Teaching of Tahirih who says ‘Revelation is in a continuous flow’.  

The ministry of Baha’i, founded on the Mother Book (Bayan), previous religious writings and the continuance of revelation from the Maid of Heaven, has brought the Word forward to the time of the Shift of the Ages as the Greater Plan takes hold and Prophet worship is no longer a preferred model in the new paradigm. Baha’i has also, through power struggles, on many occasions, caused dissimulation on many important teachings brought to advance and free humankind. So it has been a double-edged sword. In the Ode of the Dove, She (Dove being the Holy Spirit or Maid of Heaven) finds the carrier of the Word insincere due to his own desires. This is perhaps the reason why the prophecy of the “meek shall inherit the earth” is fast becoming a reality while religion as a whole is losing its grip on the peoples.   

The Manifestations or Lovers of the Maid of Heaven (divine connection) brought the Word forward for the sake of humanity’s progress and the stars in the heavens indicated their ministry.  

William Sears discovered the significance of the double star Sirius to point to the expected second coming, but missed recognizing that Tahirih was the Christ Spirit and on one level the Twin of the Bab. The second star discovered, Sirius B was a white dwarf of high intensity that had at one time been a bright star itself from ancient days. It is of interest that many believe the white dwarf transferred minerals or gems to Sirius A (which in metaphysical terms is the revelation of the Babi Dispensation). It is a physical metaphor for the Most Great Spirit transmitting Gems of Knowledge, the Word, to the Manifestation.  

The comet Biela made its first appearance in 1843 announcing the twin prophets, and made its last appearance in 1852 signifying the most Great Spirit or Maid of Heaven communicating to Bahá’u’lláh from the sacred chambers in order to finish the mission’s purpose as a preparatory step in furthering The Greater Plan. But let us remember comets are not stars. 

The Holy Maiden, during the time of the Lesser Plan, could find none who were sincere and infused the dust with her Spirit so that all who dwell on earth would be able to connect to the God/ess within – indicated in the Tablet of the Holy Mariner. Also, the meteor showers falling to earth may be an indication of the same infusion.


“Turn, thy sight unto thyself, that thou mayest, find Me standing within thee, mighty, powerful, and self-subsisting”   No. 13 Arabic Hidden Words 

"In this greatest of dispensations, all must appear with branches of knowledge and sayings of wisdom. For in these unparalleled days, celestial gales have rendered all human beings—indeed, all things—bearers of the divine emanations to the extent of their capacity…” Tablet of the Son. 


The stars in the heavens show Tahirih to be one of the Twin Manifestations of the 1844 Revelation as does her name which is also spelled “Tahira”. The RA in her name links her to the Egyptian Sun God RA. Thus, as the Most Great Spirit she has ties to ancient times, and even before that as the first emanation from Primal Will.[xiii] 

Discovering that Tahirih represents the Divine Essence mirrored forth as the Primal Word or creating impulse, that she, as the Maid of Heaven animates Manifestations, that she Herself was the returned Spirit in 1844 and operated as one of the Twin Manifestations foretold, and that she was part of laying out a new universal Path with Divine Authority, Baha’is can become empowered in gaining a fresh perspective for the day in which they are living, as well as envisioning the new Cycle of Balance which incorporates the male and female principles of creation.  

We know she called for the end of Islam[xiv] and past dispensations, we know she called for the full emancipation of women and showed by example that they were meant to be equal Leaders in all human affairs, we know she said there is a continuous flow of revelation, and that the Secret Key is for every individual to follow their own intuition balanced with rational proofs. Accepting any less is to deviate from the Spiritual Path. When Baha’is know these teachings, and that they come with Divine Authority, they are armed with a measuring stick to know when their religion is deviating from the Divine intent. For instance how could it be, once understanding Tahirih’s role in revelation, that they would accept women being in secondary positions and not having voice on their highest governing body? Surely this one point alone, should alert them to the injustice they are perpetrating by following what appears to be a hijacked administration.  

Concealing Tahirih’s true role in revelation has been a travesty beyond measure, but to keep perpetrating it is a blasphemy to the Most Great Spirit and is not pardonable.[xv] Without truthfulness there is no progress in any of the worlds of the Godhead. Be empowered through the Knowledge which is imparted to your heart and mind through the Maid of Heaven, Know that this was the primary mission of Tahirih Qurratu’l-Ayn, to free the people to honour the promptings of their own hearts which emanate from the highest Source. 

With the eternal Living Love mirrored forth from the Primal Essence, Starr* Saffa   

*Sirius’s discovery as a double star in 1844 also connects Tahirih to Isis  – to be revealed.

Footnotes in Endnote form: 

[i] She declared: `I am the Word which the Qa’im is to utter, the Word which shall put to flight the chiefs and nobles of the earth! (The Dawn-Breakers, translated from the original Persian and edited by Shoghi Effendi (1932), Baha’i Publishing Trust, Wilmette, Illinois, 1970, pp 296-297)  

Also in reference to Tahirih we read: “It is said in one form of tradition, that Qurratu’l-Ayn herself attended the conference with a veil on. If so, she lost no time in discarding it, and broke out (we are told) into the fervid exclamation, `I am the blast of the trumpet, I am the call of the bugle,’ i.e. `Like Gabriel, I would awaken sleeping souls.’   

[ii] According to bahai scripture the Primal Point can be understood as the first emanation, first universal intellect from the Absolute (God/ess, Source, Primal Oneness, etc), and is manifested in the `Word” from which all forms of all things are generated. 

Primal Point (Nuqtiy-i-Ula) (from which have been generated all things) The Bab. (Shoghi Effendi, God Passes By, p. 4)  

In Persian mysticism, all writings is said to originate from a ‘nuqtih’, a point or dot. A Basic Baha’i Dictionary, p. 185 

The “Book is the record of the revealed Word of the Manifestations of God”. . No. 300, Kitab-i-aqdas, by Bahaullah, p.231 

[iii]  Holy Spirit as the Intermediary between God and Man: “Unless the Holy Spirit become intermediary, one cannot attain directly to the bounties of God. Do not overlook the obvious truths, for it is a self-evident fact that a child cannot be instructed without a teacher, and knowledge is a bounty from the bounties of God. The soil is not covered with grass and green without the rain of the cloud; therefore the cloud is the intermediary between the divine bounties and the soil. A body doth not develop and grow without the soul; therefore the soul is the medium of the spiritual life”. ‘Abdu’l-Baha, Baha’i World Faith, page 370 

[iv] How does the Word become Flesh? 

  1. Manifestations are of three stations, human, and divine.
  2. Above the divine part of the Manifestation in the levels of existence is the Holy Spirit, also know as Mary, Eve, Tahirih, the Dove, Angel Gabriel,
  3. When the Holy Spirit communicates the Word of God to the divine part of the manifestation this is called ‘Revelation’.
  4. When the Manifestation receives the Revelation the Manifestation is being animated by the Holy Spirit.  In this sense it can be said the Manifestation (Word) was with God and is God (the Living Word).
  5. The part of the Manifestation that reflects the Revelation received then becomes the vehicle for reflecting the Word in the Flesh.
  6. Thus it is the Holy Spirit born at Primal Point level which animates the Manifestation with the creative Word.

 “The Maiden thereafter appears as the personification of the spirit of God. ….Shoghi Effendi identifies her with “the Most Great Spirit,” symbolized . . . by the Sacred Fire, the Burning Bush, the Dove, …”(GPB: 101). 

It was on that occasion that the “Most Great Spirit,” as designated by Bahá’u’lláh Himself, revealed itself to Him, in the form of a “Maiden,” and bade Him “lift up” His “voice between earth and heaven” –that same Spirit which, in the Zoroastrian, the Mosaic, the Christian, and Mohammedan Dispensations, had been respectively symbolized by the “Sacred Fire,” the “Burning Bush,” the “Dove ,” and the “Angel Gabriel.” God Passes By, by Shoghi Effendi, pp. 100-101:  

[v] I am melted, my God, by that mercy whereby Thou dist create me at a time when nothing existed save it. I was formed whirling, after a pattern that no one besides Thee had fashioned, so that Thou mightest set me in motion. Thus might I be brought out of the world of the veils of glory by the attraction exercised by Thy preexistent essence, and thus might I transcend the station of allusions by means of love for Thy shining countenance.” Translated by Juan Cole. Taken from Qurratu’l-Ayn Bi-yad-I saumin sal-I shahadat (Tehran, 1949, pp. 36-37), “Translations of Shaykhi, Babi and Baha’I Texts” (East Lansing, no. 6, 1997) 

[vi] Divine Essence is the pre-existent Primal Will Essence: In reference to Tahirih:  In “Resurrection and Renewal” by Abbas Amanet, page 300 we read: “…sources report that she assumed the title of “the Point of Divine Knowledge”. Then we find the terms ‘Divine Knowledge’ and ‘Divine Essence’ are identical –  “the Divine Knowledge which is identical to the Divine Essence”. (No. 23 in Abdu’l-baha’s “I Was a Hidden Treasure” (Baha’i Studies).

No. 24 “And so this is the stage and station of the Hidden Treasure which is mentioned. And when that Hidden Essence revealed Its Essence to Its Essence and showed forth Its Self to Its Self, the Maiden of Love, which was veiled within the canopy of the Essence of Unity, arose and came forth.”  (I Was a Hidden Treasure”  Commentary by `Abdu’l-baha, No. 24) Baha’i Studies” 

[vii]  The Bab pens the Word (Tahirih). “”O People of the earth! By the righteousness of the One true God, I am the Maid of Heaven begotten by the Spirit of Baha…”, SWB p.54.


[viii] “Concerning what you have inquired about that Mirror which has purified its soul in order to reflect the Word

by which all matters are solved; She is a righteous, learned, active, and pure woman; and do not dispute al-Tahira in her command for she is aware of the circumstances of the cause and there is nothing for you but submission to her since it is not destined for you to realize the truth of her status” (Amanat, Abbas, “Resurrection and Renewal”, p. 307). Amanat’s footnote 78 says: For an even stronger endorsement of Qurratu’l-Ayn status by the Bab see passages cited in ZH (Tarikh Zuhur al Haqq, History of the Manifestation of Truth, vol. III, by Fazil Mazandarani, pgs 331-34), where she is praised as “the proof for all” (hujja ala al-kull) whose instructions are binding  for all believers”. 




[ix] This pairing of things is even shown forth in the Qur’án: “Glory be to Him Who has created all the pairs: of such things as the earth produceth, and of themselves; and of things which they know not” [2] –that is to say, men, animals and plants are all in pairs–“and of everything have We created two kinds”–that is to say, We have created all the beings through pairing. Some Answered Questions, pp 86-88 

[x]The same month that year that saw the imprisonment of Baha’u’llah also saw the martyrdom of Tahirih (Qurratu’l-Ayn)  “at the heightof her beauty and power”  (William Sears, Release the Sun, p. 120) 

[xi] I BEHELD A MAIDEN – Life of the Spirit
The first words of the Baha’i Revelation were spoken to Baha’u’llah by a woman. This Maiden rejoiced his soul and informed him of his Mission. Terry Culhane goes in search of the Divine Feminine in the Writings of Baha’u’llah. He finds that the whole body of Writings can be read as a conversation between a Lover (Baha’u’llah) and his Beloved (the Maiden). This love and mystery must stand at the heart of Baha’i identity and Baha’i community life.
 – I Beheld A Maiden, by Terry Culhane.Now available from  Retail price: $19.95 paperback only

[xii]  “I am the Maid of Heaven, the offspring begotten by the Spirit of Baha…” —Gleanings, Writings of Bahá’u’lláh (Wilmette, Baha’i Publishing Trust, 1983, p.284

 “The Maid of Heaven, the Image of Sophia, and the Logos Personification

of the Spirit of God in Scripture and Sacred Literature,”

in Journal of Bahá’í Studies, 4.1 (Mar.-June 1991); 

[xiii]   Tahira – name meaning and origin

The girl’s name Tahira \tahira, tahi-ra\ is of Arabic origin, and its meaning is “virginal, pure“.  No study of Islam is complete without aquainting oneself with the woman who played the most important role in the life of the Prophet. This amazing woman was Khadija, the wife of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Khadija was known during her time as ‘Al-Tahira’, the pure one, and ‘Ameerat Quraysh’, Princess of Quraysh. Khadija is known to be one of the four most perfect women of all time. The Prophet said: “The best women in all the world are four: the Virgin Mary, Aasiyaa the wife of Pharoah, Khadijah Mother of the Believers, and Fatimah, daughter of Muhammad.”  

[xiv] “And last but not least it was owing to her initiative, while participating in the Conference of Badasht, that the most challenging implications of a revolutionary and as yet but dimly grasped Dispensation were laid bare before her fellow-disciples and the new Order permanently divorced from the laws and institutions of Islám.” Shoghi Effendi, GPB, pp 74-75 

[xv] 31“Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven men, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. 32“And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come,” (All Scripture quotes are from the NASB).Jesus mentions a sin that is unforgivable in Matt. 12:31-32 


Maid of Love and the Crystal Sword

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